Strategic storytelling

To break through the filter of the target audience, we have to think about timing, attention span, tone, and how to address the listener. We build a bridge between your message and your audience.

Leadership Communication

The communication style of the management motivates and empowers employees. Good managerial communication not only empowers teams to finish projects successfully, but also enables companies to grow. Together with our clients, we create powerful communication that is tailored to sender and receiver.

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Internal campagnes

Sometimes you need to achieve internal success for external action. Just like consumers, employees need to be reached more than just once for a message to come across. FX Agency has more than 10 years experience with target group segmentation, data-driven storytelling, internal channels, and all other aspects of internal campaigns.

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Content Strategy

If your organisation does a lot of internal communication, it is improved by adding structure and clarity for the audience. Which message do you want to get across, who is the target audience, and when should they receive which part of the message? Questions that we come across daily at FX Agency. Together, we take a look at the internal organisation and write a content strategy employing target group segmentation to achieve personal and relevant communication.

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Employee Experience

The true power of an organisation lies within. With your own people, your ambassadors. Ensuring a connection with the place they work is essential. From teambuilding to celebrating successes. Using the right timing, order, attention span and climax, we build a bridge between the message and the target audience.

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Content Butler: communication platform

ContentButler takes the internal communication of your organisation to the next level. It is an internal communication platform that enables employees to be up to date on the latest developments in a way that suits them. They decide what content is relevant for them and in what format they want to watch or listen to it (text, audio or video). Easy to use and completely adaptable to your own style and identity.

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