Come together virtually

Streaming content to an audience that is not physically present has become commonplace. Sharing a message from a distance in this manner has become fairly straightforward. But how do you ensure you accomplish more than just sending and delivering your message? How do you involve your audience with your story even if they can’t be ‘at location’?

To be able to engage the audience to your story even more we created a virtual environment. The participants will be closer to the content and are in fact part of the story. You’re wondering how we have realised this? Well …

All together in one virtual space

Move your event from the physical world to the digital world. We created a virtual environment that seamlessly connects with your event. A world where interaction with content and your audience is possible no matter where in the world your audience is located. Turn your audience from anonymous passive receivers into active participants and give them a face. By doing so you increase the involvement with your story.

Event Setup

We create a visualisation of the online audience and make them part of your event. The online audience is projected on a screen behind the host(s). By doing so a clear image originates of all attendees. Direct interaction between host, online audience and (possible) physical participants can arise.

Join in via your smartphone

Everyone can participate and interact by means of a smartphone. Create your own avatar by submitting your picture and personal information and give yourself a face in the digital world. Once part of this world you can ask questions, react to presentations and participate in interactive elements as if you are physically present at the event.

Live interaction

By having the audience visually present you create and facilitate more possibilities for interaction between your participants and the host. Online participants can share emoticons, raise hands, or even share their own content. You can raise or respond to questions by text, audio or video. Similar to Facebook live streams, emoticons can be shared so not only the host but also the other participants can witness how the audience responds to the content.


At FX Agency we have years of experience in supporting corporates with setting up their events and the creation of creative content. We are therefore confident we are able to support you in setting up your (in part) virtual event like no other. We are happy to support with the creative setup of presentations, videos and the event program. We also provide speaker coaching, crew and equipment. Curious to learn more about our approach? Contact us and we are happy to tell you all about it.

At FX Agency innovation and digital interaction is in our DNA. Our goal is to organise a digital event where both the physical as well as the online audience are directly involved in the event. This is what we call ‘Coming together virtually’.

Niels Janssen - Founder FX Agency