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FX Agency

Where stories come to life

Our power is translating stories into high-profile experiences. Experiences that touch you. Experiences that stay with you. Over and over again.

Our FX'ers understand what it takes to create a digital experience. By listening carefully and understanding what you want to convey. Together, we look for ways to bring stories to life and make them unforgettable. Ways where people become part of your story and feel connected to your message.

With smart strategy, creative storytelling, digital design and the application of innovative techniques, we bring stories to life and create new worlds. Always with a strong concept as a foundation. By challenging, trying new things and being mindful of our impact on our planet, we come up with unexpected digital creations.

Creations that help people come together, see things differently and share knowledge with each other. Together, we make stories that touch you and stay with you.

Meet the

Group for events & experiences

Since March 2023, we have formed a group with D&B Eventmarketing. Together, we create the unique mix of live and digital experiences.