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Nowadays, we - as consumers - are kindly pampered in the customer journey. With sexy content, smart websites and social campaigns that know what you want more than you do. But, do we also do that when it comes to corporate communication?

Well, if we would be in charge; certainly! FX Agency is the creative agency for all innovative corporate communication. You know, with people who don’t think it’s crazy that something is innovative. Or according to the latest trend. Or both.

Because, a strategy can be experienced and also felt. A leadership event can be the talk of the town. Or at least the talk of the coffee corner. The circumstances? We want to show your people how important they are to you. If we put visible effort into your story, they will too. Sounds simple. And it actually is.

It does not matter what you want to achieve. If the organisation is the subject, we will make it a success together. From huge events for all colleagues, to perfectly personalised content. Communication about your strategy, spoken in a way to remember. Let’s reinvent corporate communication.

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