Content Butler

You’ve never seen internal communication like this

Nowadays we are being bombarded with the finest customer journeys. With sexy content, dynamic websites and social campaigns that know what you want even better than you do. But, do we do the same when it comes to corporate communications? Turns out we don't, that’s why we’ve developed the Content Butler. 

Just as versatile as your organisation

Content Butler takes the internal communication of your organisation to the highest level. It is an internal communication platform that enables employees to be up to date on the latest developments in a way that suits them. They decide what content is relevant for them and in what format they want to watch or listen to it (text, audio or video). Easy to use and completely adaptable to your own visual identity.

A familiar sight

The Content Butler is build according to the visual identity of your organisation. This way it’ll be unique and easy to recognize. It can be used on itself, or as an addition to an existing intranet.

Modern and intuitive

The Content Butler has a logical and functional design, making it very easy to use. Anyone can use it, without explanation. This internal communication platform is online available as web-app and accessible from any device. There is no need to install or download anything, making it easy and for everybody . 

From bus stop to office session

The amount of information can be adjusted to the available time. You decide what you want, which content is relevant and if you want to listen, watch or read it. Saving time, and seamlessly connecting with your employees' lifestyle.

Seamlessly from eye-catching to hands-free

During use the Content Butler can be changed from video to podcast in one click. Everything you want to share with you employees, is available in any possible format.