Digital Events

We’re able to deliver full support for setting up a digital event or transforming your physical event to a digital event. We’ve created 3 packages depending on the size of your event. From a basic studio setup to an advanced setup with endless possibilities to interact with you audience. 

A/V Equipment & Crew

For your digital event the equipment and internet connection are key and need to be reliable. Also you need a crew who has experience with setting up and running a digital event. FX agency can supply all needed equipment & crew for your digital event and will ensure a reliable connection so that your viewers won't have to miss a second of your event.


Your audience is no longer gathered in a fancy location. They are behind the screen of their computer, possibly for multiple hours. It is important to keep them focused and engaged. This is essential for making your digital event a succes. Our tool will help with involving your audience by means of quizes, polls and other types of interaction. We even have custom solution to visualise your online audience to enable more interaction & participation.



FX Agency is known and awarded for our design work. We will make sure your content and presentation looks super slick! We can supply bumpers, loopings backgrounds, visual decor for a LED wall, presentations, event identity and website. Together we'll make sure all visual content looks amazing.

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Digital events are a great alternative for live events. It saves a lot of money & time and leaves a minimal ecological footprint. Thanks to the newest technologies, like our tool, we are capable of involving your audience from behind their screens and interact with them throughout the entire event.

Niels Jansen - Founder FX Agency