FX Studio

A well prepped room with the right equipment and pro’s to get your online event going in no-time. Where on earth are you supposed to find that?! Well, you just did. We’ve got a studio ready2go for your online story.

Recording studio on an unique location 

Our FX Studio is in jail right now. Yup. True story. In the old jailhouse of Utrecht, de LiK. Along ‘The Singel’ in Utrecht, the LiK has been an exclusive event location since 2014. And since recently, it became the backdrop of our FX Studio. It has room for 4 speakers and a host. And just to be clear, they won’t be bothered by inmates, in case you were wondering.

‘Ready2Go’ webinar studio

You could work out a detailed plan for your event, thinking about everything that could and should happen. Or, you don’t. Because your event, though professional, doesn’t need an over the top appearance with matching price tags. Our studio is fully ready2go. And though it’s not as ‘over the moon versatile’ as other options, you can easily adapt this studio to your wished and brand. In the meantime, we’ll make sure it looks and interacts as it should, fitting to your message and goals.

Fully serviced online event studio

Not a lot of experience in organising online events? No. Problem. We’ll make sure the tech, content, livestream, and set dressing are in order. If you want, we’ll also help you with your storyline and interaction. And speaker coaching. And preparations. And.. well let’s just say we’ve got you covered. And in the case of the FX Studio, we can also do that in a crazy pace!