Internal communication & events from home

A live event with a technical setup that enables you to send, receive and participate from home. A digital alternative for periodical company and leaderships updates or meetings.

Effective internal communication, from home.

It is important to keep communicating and connecting with your employees, especially now. You want people to be involved and give them the opportunity ask questions or express their concerns. With our 'digital event from home' solution it is possible to keep communicating in a professional & interactive manner with your employees. We will make sure everything looks neat and works the way it should. Your audience is safe at home, but involved and engaged with your story.

When is a 'digital event from home' a good alternative?

  • As a replacement for periodical company updates
  • Reaching audiences larger than 30 people.
  • When there are more than 2 speakers.
  • Live interaction with the audiences is needed.
  • Speakers and audiences are at home.

Setup & Broadcast

We will arrange all the needed equipment and a platform to stream your digital update from. If requested we can also supply you with a laptop, microphone and webcam. We will handle all technical aspect remotely. The only thing you need to do is sit behind your laptop and you are good to go!

Program & content 

We can design your presentations and make sure your story has a clear message and structure. The program will be made by us to suit your goals. Our event managers will stay in contact with the speakers during the event, making sure everything runs smoothly. You can focus on your story while we take care of everything!

Interaction & engagement

Your audience is at home behind their laptop, so it is of great importance that you engage with them. We will help you with setting op a story and program that involves live interaction. We have the experience, knowledge and an in-house developed event tool ( to bring your people together, no matter where they are. We will involve your audience, just like a live event. Ask questions. Do a poll or host quiz.

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