Live@Home: a live experience in a digital environment

Live@Home offers the opportunity to create a virtual event location. In collaboration with Live Legends we virtually offer the audience a live experience. From virtually placing speakers on stage and simulating a table discussion to your audience sharing emotions: anything is possible. Transform your existing, live event or create a digital event. A complete event experience all in line with current measures, with speakers and hosts at home.

Virtual 3D venue

Let your event take place in a virtual 3D environment. Provide speakers with a virtual stage, simulate a round table discussion with several guests, or host a complete award ceremony. Anything is possible. The venue, the stage, the screen and your audience can all be designed to your own wish and style. This way you create a live experience within a virtual event.

A visibly present audience creates more interaction and involvement. 

Live interaction

Through Live@Home you can offer the audience a live experience at home. Your viewers can ask questions, vote, share content and even express emotions. All interaction proceeds according to the current measures, and can be easily done from the comfort of home, with your own smartphone.

Safe and practical

The host presents from a studio (potentially on location), or from home. Speakers can also deliver their presentation from home, pre-recorded or live. They will be in direct contact with one of our event managers who will take care of the content and technical aspects of the livestream. This way you can offer the audience a full-scale event experience, while following the current guidelines.

View the video for more information & inspiration about Live@Home