Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a unique way to really emerge your audience into your story. It enables you to completely intertwine a digital and physical world in ways that go beyond your imagination. With AR it’s possible to create simplicity in complex matter. Making the invisible; visible. At FX Agency we know exactly how to convince your target audience using AR.

Experience AR

FX agency has embraced AR the moment this technology rooted. Dozens of AR projects later we have quite the understanding of the endless possibilities AR offers. We have been granted the opportunity to do AR projects for the likes of HEINEKEN, Aegon, and ING. Curious how we can take your communication to a higher level using AR?

The best of both worlds

Using AR means adding a digital layer to our reality. Doing so, we can add text, but also visuals, objects and sound to our real environment making use of nothing more than just the camera of your phone. We determine what the viewer sees and where it is seen. This year 1 billion smartphones will support AR, making the technology increasingly accessible. At FX Agency we understand all aspects of this technology, and together with our customers, look for an ideal AR deployment that really does their project justice.

Heineken Blade Sales App

For HEINEKEN we created the Place Blade App, with built-in Augmented Reality function. The aim was to enable HEINEKEN account managers to virtually place a Blade on a bar during an appointment at a prospects catering location. The application scans the bar and places the Blade virtually on said bar, to give a direct insight into what it will add to the bars experience. The application is a perfect example of how AR can be used to communicate in a relevant manner.

KLM Experience Sentry

Everyday, KLM strives to make aviation more efficient, customer-friendly and more sustainable. To achieve this goal they've developed Sentry. An advanced AI based program that optimizes daily operational tasks within KLM. But how do you explain such an groundbreaking tool in an innovative way? FX Agency brought KLM Sentry to live through an AR world. This world boasted a virtual airport, that simulated a day of KLM flights, with accompanying challenges. Doing so, it explained how Sentry uses AI to monitor and guides thousands of passengers on a smooth and safe journey.

"From our first contact onward, FX Agency has shown they fully understand our story. They have translated the beauty and complexity of Sentry with their innovative AR experience. Whilst matching the heart of our operations completely."

Stijn Bakker -  Lead Creative, Sentry Experience, KLM


AR is a world of opportunities

AR has the potential to change the world of communication. Using it now, demonstrates the progressive and innovative nature of your organization. With our years of experience embedding AR, we can help you using all potential AR has to offer. In a innovative, relevant and substantive way tailored for your organization.