Creative Content

By shaping your content to the right form and format, we engage the audience in your story in its best form.

Motion & Graphic design

Moving images help with the interpretation of a story, and grab attention. That’s why motion graphic design is an important part of our work. We have more than 10 years experience with devising and producing unique animations. Whether it is video, presentations, or websites, our designers use their full skillset (and computer processing power) to deliver an amazing product.

2D & 3D Animations | Motion Design | Graphic Design

Corporate identity

With visual identity, we mean everything that falls under graphic design; like corporate identity, logo, fonts, and symbols. Together they form the appearance of your organization. But times are changing and sometimes a transformation is necessary to maintain the connection to your target audience. A new visual identity can be the solution in this case. We look for the core of your organization and ambition. Using this, we create a new identity that fits and unites your company, and reaches your target audience.

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Presentation design

Presentations should paint a good picture of your organization, no matter if it’s an internal or external presentation. Also, you don’t want to sacrifice content over form. At FX Agency, we design and create remarkable presentations that grab and keep the attention with engaging stories, visual content and beautiful animations. We take into account the content, attention span, target audience, and audiovisual possibilities at the presentation venue.

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Keynote | PowerPoint | Stage design | Flow

Corporate videos

Video stands out and is a perfect way to tell your story. We know how reach your most important target audience; your own people. Our power is telling stories that are anything but wooly and boring. We communicate straight, personal and use emotions to our advantage to convert your message to a video that deserves to be seen.

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Mood videos | Business films | Corporate videos |  Employer branding