Employee Experience

We believe the power of your organisation lies within. With your own people, your ambassadeurs. It is therefore essential that they feel connected with each other and the organisation. Motivated, passionate employees, with shared ambitions and goals, are the driving force behind every great organisation. 

Winning outside

starts within

We use customers journeys to place the customer at the center. Employee journey are the same. They are used to put you employee at the center. Celebrating success, showing appreciation, making employees real part of your corporate culture. There are many ways to make sure this ‘employee journey’ contributes to a positive attitude towards the organisation they work for. For example, with our “Helping Hand” campaign we centralised the hospital workers giving them the attention and appreciation they deserved.

Attention for connection

With employee experience we mean all (official) touch points an employee goes through while working somewhere. From the initial interviews to off-boarding and anything in between. When it comes to HR-related touch points, most organisations have old (and a bit boring) touch points. Changing these touch points by giving it a bit more attention can make a huge difference for your employees.

 ‘Customers will only love a company when the employees love it first.’

- Simon Sinek

Employee Experience

We’ve created an innovative new year message for Deloitte, we helped ING with a creative way to welcome employees after the holidays and of course we lead by example (watch the video above), with our own interactive Christmas video. No matter what part of the employee journey it’s about, we love working and thinking together with you to make that one touchpoint an unforgettable part of your employee journey.