Memories are experiences. So if we want content that sticks, we have to create an unforgettable experience.

Hybrid Events

Great hybrid events combine the power of (spontaneous) physical encounters with the reach and possibilities of online. If you find a way to provide all your visitors with a dynamic and interactive experience, it's the best of both worlds. Hybrid events come in all shapes and sizes. Which of these is most suitable for you depends on your goals and audience.

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Online events 

People need information and connectivity. Therefore online events are great solution, now and in the future. But how do you organise and online event that has a professional appearance? And do you host it in a real or virtual studio? An event where through live interaction, visual presentations and clear storytelling an experience is created the lasts with your audience.

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Physical Events

When people come together a unique opportunity arises for powerful communication. Whether you're looking ahead or want to reflect; you have an important message to share. By looking closely at your goal, target group and message, we ensure the experience of your message. In a unique and memorable way that people will talk about and remember.

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Virtual studio

What if location was not a limitation, but an opportunity? What if there was a place with room for all the speakers, audience, content and interaction you can think of? Sounds pretty cool right?

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FX Studio

A well prepped room with the right equipment and pro’s to get your online event going in no-time. Where on earth are you supposed to find that?! Well, you just did. We’ve got a studio ready2go for your online story.

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Whether you’re organising an online, physical or hybrid event, is at the heart of it. It’s the central place where everything comes together. Where you create an unforgettable event experience and engage (with) all your users. No matter where they are.

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