Leadership communication

In this era of snackable content, long emails with corporate lingo and endless powerpoint slides are no longer the way to communicate with your peers. To make sure your message sticks, you need to communicate effectively - in the right way, shape and form. Already convinced? Let's meet! Contact Floor for a (digital) cup of coffee.

The target

Good leaders inspire. They know how to speak to your mind in a way that you remember their message. And that could be quite the challenge in an era where Gen Z is taking over. How do you grab the attention of a target group that is used to communicate in videos, gifs and emoticons? How do you deliver a message while Instagram en TikTok are luring at every corner?

The challenge

While life is shifting to on demand, PowerPoints are replaced by short clips and the stage is taken over by personal conversations. While the key message remains the same, channels and resources are changing faster than ever. Effective communication is all about finding the right format. And we have the knowledge, tools and power to meet your audience’s expectations.

The solution

We're not here to tell you what to tell. But we will tell you how to. You might not change as a leader, but your environment will. We will be that partner who will be there for you conceptually and strategically, but also actually implements the ideas we agree on. That way, we ensure that your message not only arrives, but also convinces, inspires and motivates.