Video stands out and is a perfect way to tell your story. We know how to reach your most important target group, your own people. Our strength lies in telling real stories that are anything but woolly or boring. We communicate honestly, personally, with feeling or with humor and turn your message into a video that is seen internally.

Specialty beers without the bla bla

The Dutch beer landscape has changed quite a bit in recent years. Today, the beer menu is painstakingly scoured in search of that perfect triple hopped imperial IPA. The more interesting and varied the beer world becomes, the more challenging it is to describe the specific characteristics of each beer as a seller, such as composition, taste and smell. We developed a light-hearted, no-nonsense way of explaining the beers and teaching account managers about the beer world. Digestible information about HEINEKEN’s specialty beers for a critical target audience. Beers without bullshit, you might say. We chose a slightly less sensitive name: Klare Taal.

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