Supplier Event


ABN AMRO Supplier Event 2016: Less sending, more interactivity

For over 43 years ABN AMRO has been connected to the annual World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam, a week in which AHOY Rotterdam is jam-packed with tennis legends and supporters. During this week, ABN AMRO also hosts its Supplier Event for which FX Live was asked to provide support.


How to facilitate an informative event while making sure the message is not just “pushed” towards the audience? How to make the event more interactive and let the audience’s voice be heard as well?


Information will be better remembered, understood, and passed on when the audience can participate in the discussion. And even better: let’s make sure the host of the event can moderate the input of the audience directly, to spark a meaningful debate. So, that’s exactly what we did!


Real time interaction: on screen and at live the table

Thanks to the app, the audience shared thoughts, raised a voice in discussions and asked questions real time. The hosts received and moderated all their input: immediate integration in the program of the day was possible and, of course, visible on all the big screens.

Another way to let the audience collaborate, was the special panel discussion. FX tagged along in realising this part of the programme with ABN AMRO, thinking of round table set-up and interactive element. Eventually, the audience could join the conversation live from their own phones via the mobile app.

Visual identity and stage management

To wrap up the event, we created an overall visual identity for the event consisting of video content, introduction bumpers, and stage design. Additionally, we directed the audiovisual support throughout the day and were responsible for the stage-management.