Product launch: MetaRide


FX Agency supported ASICS with the European launch of their brand new running shoe: MetaRide. Although new running shoes come and go, this was not ‘just’ a launch. With MetaRide, ASICS promised the running industry a true game changer. So running experts from all over Europe flew in to see, feel and test ASICS’ flagship shoe and hear its story. It was our mission to help ASICS and turn these influential experts into MetaRide ambassadors.

There was a lot to say about MetaRide. Stuff like the product benefits and the innovation journey to develop this special shoe, would be addressed during the informative plenary session. But before the visitors could enter, we wanted to treat and tease them with snippets of MetaRide. So what we did was telling MetaRide’s innovative and game changing story without using words, but by means of a visual and auditory spectacle.

The Endless Run

We first made the visitors pass a long, dark corridor; the Endless Run corridor. It ‘framed’ one of MetaRide’s main benefits; running longer with less energy. The visitors felt the endorphins at their best; the desire to run further although it’s getting dark outside, an endless horizon, lights passing by, just you and your runners’ high.

Prototype Area

Next was the Prototype Area showing the proof that MetaRide wasn’t built in a day (METARIDE’s kaizen). Physical MetaRide prototypes in a setting resembling ASICS’ design studio. Blueprints of the MetaRide shoe, pieces of fabric, gels. A realistic work floor setting.

Big Reveal

And of course the moment we all had been waiting for: the reveal! Bombastic music, beautiful visuals, a light spectacle and even a hovering shoe. We looked after a sensational reveal Show with capital S. Just the way we like it.