CUPRA experience

Imagine getting a call from one of the coolest car brands, asking for your help in reshaping the car buying process. What would you do? We did some cartwheels and then came up with the CUPRA experience. An interactive tool that lets you experience your dream car digitally, and makes crowded showrooms unnecessary.

Selling special cars in a special way. CUPRA is doing it, and we're going to help them.

Niels Janssen (FX Agency)

Life-size and lifelike

Gone are the days with eighty cars in a showroom. At least if it's up to CUPRA. Because why show someone a car that is almost (but not exactly) as he would like it to be, if you have the option to show them the real deal with just a few clicks? Life-size and lifelike.

This is the ultimate way to configure your dream car! All we need is a few clicks.

Johan Tichelaar (Senior CUPRA Specialist)

Let's do reinvent the wheel!

Most of the automotive sector loves doing things the old way, CUPRA doesn't. No more thick brochures, unnecessary physical appointments and long complicated option lists. CUPRA sees a future in a digital customer journey and believes, like us, that consumers can and will buy cars, mostly, online in the (near) future. So complicated option lists move over, there's a new kid in town!

Different scenes and settings

A test drive, demo model or photo always remains a snapshot. If you want someone really experience what their dream color or rim looks like, you should hand them that exact car and let them drive it for a week. That has 'some' practical implications, but we now have a digital solution that allows people to see their car in different scenes and settings that brings us pretty close.

Customers tell us that the screen is really useful in the decision-making process, the different environments takes away the pain in picking the right color for example.

Johan Tichelaar (Senior CUPRA Specialist)

Down to the smallest details

CUPRA is a brand for enthousiasts, for people that don't just drive to get somewhere. For people that deliberately choose a car and brand. That means that we had to provide salesmen with more than just some standard images. We needed them to have all the shots to highlight important lines and angles. Because selling cars to car enthusiasts comes down to the smallest details.