Virtual Event

Together Deloitte and Singularity University organised innovative online event where speakers en viewers from all over the world came together in a virtual studio

We manages to do an innovative broadcast which empowered our key message and involved our business partners during the event.

Maarten Oonk - Director Strategy Deloitte Center for the Edge EMEA

Take place in a virtual studio 

On entrance the audience took place in the virtual studio. In just a few easy steps an avatar was created with name and photo. Through their smartphone the audience could talk and share emotions with emojis.

Because the presentations and the interaction with the audience took place in a virtual environment, it became a personal experience where viewers became participants who were involved with story.

Niels Janssen - Founder FX Agency

Event flow & journey

Through visual storytelling, interaction and dynamic shots we were able to maintain the attention of the audience. We ensured they were a part of the event. Presentations took place in dynamic environments, adjusted to the story of each individual speaker.

Interaction between speakers and participants

Questions from the audience were discussed by the speakers and host on our virtual table. 

This event helped us to show that we are able to organise an event that not only delivered our key message through content, but also through the innovative format of the event, showing what we as an organisation stand for.

Carolien de Bont - Deloitte Center for the Edge

In Deloitte style 

The big advantage of a virtual event is that the entire studio can be customised to match your own brand identity. We maintain the attention of the audience through visual storytelling, interaction and dynamic shots, making the entire event a visual experience in your own style.

By using innovative solutions like a 3D environment in which the host, speakers but also the audience literally take place in a venue a setting is created in which everybody, anywhere in the world, have the feeling of ‘coming together

Niels Janssen - Founder FX Agency

More on our virtual studio's

Can’t get together with an audience in a studio right now? Ok. Let’s get together on the tip of the Eiffel Tower then. Or in a 3D world, 360 degree video, or whatever you can imagine. We’ve developed the technology to make your online event happen. And interaction? It’s as easy as sending a message from your phone. Because, well, you do that with your phone. Through our self developed application