Commerce Week


The biggest internal event for HEINEKEN.

How we make the biggest internal event for HEINEKEN even bigger each year.

It is the biggest yearly internal event for HEINEKEN International: Commerce Week. Marketing directors and the top of the multinational come to Amsterdam to celebrate the successes of last year and discuss the strategies for this year. How do you give 250 brands the attention they deserve?

Commerce Week turns our agency upside down every year; dozens of presentations, videos, and other content are created in a very short time. And it is all top quality.

Anouk Vlasman - Projectmanager


Before we get started with the content of Commerce Week, we divide all topics (like the Heineken® brand, International Brands, and Craft & Variety) over different project teams. Directly from start, these project teams, sit around the table with the speakers of the event. We help them formulate their key message, think about what the audience should remember, and where the presentation should be high or low energy. We translate these insights into a custom concept for every speakers presentation. In the run-up towards Commerce Week, we create a great presentation together with the speaker that uses time optimally, retains attention and builds a bridge between content and form.

Our project teams compete with each other every year. Whom will present the most original concept, whom will make the best presentation, or the coolest video? Great team dynamics that also boost quality.

Pieter Sijtsma - Designer

We have helped HEINEKEN International six years in a row for Commerce Week. We know all speakers on a personal level, and are a liable partner for everyone involved. HEINEKEN is famous for its strong and creative marketing strategy, so I am very proud of our collaboration.

Luuk van Liere - Art Director

During Commerce Week we surprise the audience not only with strong content, the stage design is also a masterpiece every Commerce Week.