CA Forum - podium projection



150 HEINEKEN employees from all around the world are coming together during the Corporate Affairs Forum. This year’s CA Forum took place in the HEINEKEN Experience. HEINEKEN has asked FX to create, besides a visual identity for CA Forum, an innovative and creative stage concept. The venue is quite challenging because of the size and the oblique roof.


FX Agency created a stage of 9×2 meters, where all the participants were seated around the stage, in an arena setup. For extra impact FX created a stage projection construction. With this construction it was possible to project almost everything on the stage.


An opening video, where the 5 pillars of HEINEKEN’s Corporate Affairs strategy were introduced. FX used 3D effects to make the video more impactful. The stage projection was used to introduce every speaker. To create extra impact, the stage was used for ambient videos to emphasise the story of every speaker.Visual Identity for CA Forum in general.Event support, show calling and project management.