Joep's Adventure

Erasmus MC

For kids, a hospital experience can be pretty intriguing. To prepare children for a visit to the Erasmus MC, we created a virtual tour called “Joep's Adventure”. Joep makes sure that every child will not be shocked by that one sound or weird thing in the room.

What really brought this project to the next level, is the recognition for this problem. The need to help children, created a greater belief to make this into a success for everyone.

Pieter Sijtsma - Designer

360° photography

Together with ‘Bouwmeesters’ we created the first 360° photographs for a variety of spaces inside the hospital that children might come across during their visit.

The refreshing visual style for a familiar hospital environment made this into an ideal visual combination for me.

Luuk van Liere - Art Director

Curious for the tour? Visit ‘Joep's Adventure’ here or via the Erasmus MC-Sophia website.