Erasmus Koers23

Erasmus MC

On course for the future

A 5-year strategy is quite a complex and abstract subject to explain. I’m proud how we translated such heavy material into a easy to understand concept.

John van de Vorstenbosch - Creatief Directeur

The Erasmus MC hospital adjusts its course for the future every five years. They call their strategy; Koers23. Is it possible to plan five years ahead in a discipline this complex? Where innovation and development happen at lightning speed? Erasmus MC asked us to share their new strategy internally. Their strategy bundles their internal talents, opinions and visions. That’s why it was very important to make all employees feel that they are the ones whom have to make it into a success. That it is their plan as well.

Everyone has a different opinion regarding the future. Luckily, this strategy offers room for all these opinions. A static video wouldn’t cover the depth of this strategy, and all opinions involved. It wouldn’t thoroughly explain the message. That’s why we created an interactive video that challenged the viewer, to think, what the strategy means for him or her.

Jedidja Louman - Project Manager

FX Agency translated Erasmus MC’s strategy into a interactive video, that not just explained “Koers23”, but challenged viewers to apply the strategy directly. Using their gut feeling. What users did not know, is that we compiled a profile; based on their answers. We then share this profile with our viewers. Making the video a real ‘conversation starter’, to discuss the new strategy amongst colleagues.