Projection mapping

National Maritime Museum

Next level visuals on a 17th century screen. Working with today's technology, on a hundreds years old canvas. When we got the opportunity to bring the history of ‘National Maritime Museum’ to life in a very special way, we did not have to think twice.

All around imagery

Together with ‘National Maritime Museum’ we transformed the walls, of the iconic 17th-century building, courtyard into a screen that spread all the way around its visitors.

This project is very detailed. The windows, the angle between the walls, the height, really everything has been given a different role in every scene.

Niels Janssen - Co-founder FX Agency

A cooperation

Our age-old canvas is originally… not a canvas. To make content stand out, we had to take all windows, walls, unevenness and many other preconditions, into account. To ensure that our ideas fit perfectly within the possibilities that project mapping has to offer, we worked together with Bourgonje.