Certification Celebration

Top Employers Institute

9 months ago, the Top Employers Institute asked us to assist them in their annual global Top Employer Certification Celebration. For many HR professionals, this is the ultimate reward, so it requires something big. Since festive dinners were off the table we organized something new and unique; a virtual ceremony that tasted just as good.

Nine months ago we realised that we had to do something new but didn't have a clue yet what we would end up with. A lot of hard work and fun resulted in this incredible virtual and interactive event.

Eel Suermondt (Head of Events & Partnerships bij Top Employers Institute)

Event & Experience

To ensure that the more than 28,000 visitors truely felt part of the event, we let our host Marnick Vanebroek pick them all up. In this interactive video visitors got completely prepared for the show and could, among other things, design their outfit and were driven around Amsterdam. Once inside, the show was spectacularly opened by opera singer Celine Janssen who sang to the audience from her living room.

Inspiration & interaction

In addition to the festive ceremony, the event also provided space for the global HR top to exchange ideas and inspire each other. In the 32 break-out sessions, speakers such as Matimba Mbungela (Chief Human Resources Officer: Vodacom Group) and Sergio Ezama (Chief Talent Officer: Pepsico) covered relevant topics in the current employer landscape.

Something to take home

immediately after the closing fireworks the winners were able to showcase their brand new award by scanning their (home) office and placing the award in there with our AR application.