Certification Celebration

Top Employers Institute

Following last year's success, Top Employers Institute asked us to help them again this year with their annual international Top Employers Certification Celebration. For many HR professionals, this is the ultimate accolade for their work, so it calls for something grand. A city, for example...

A few months ago there was nothing, not a single pixel, and now we have this amazing journey to our own city that connects over 10.000 people today.

David Plink (CEO Top Employers Institute)

A unique journey

Spread over three shows, visitors and their colleagues flew in virtual helicopters to Celebration City and participated in a unique programme put together on the basis of previously supplied data and choices made during the show.

World-class experience

with a local touch

Alternating between global and local components in the programme provided a unique experience for the more than 13,500 visitors, as well as a spot at centre stage for the people responsible within organisations for 'their' certification.

Inspiration & interaction

In addition to the grand ceremony, the event also gave global HR leaders the opportunity to exchange views and inspire each other during virtual roundtable discussions, best practices sessions, one-on-one video networking and various chat opportunities during the show.

Festive conclusion and a digital award

The show was closed in a festive manner with the winners receiving their certification with previously recorded celebratory GIFs. Afterwards, the winners were able to share their awards directly with their own network by means of the AR app built especially for the occasion.

Certification Celebration facts & figures

  • 3 shows
  • 13500+ HR professionals
  • 8300+ sent messages through the eventplatform (Reply.live)
  • 1968 virtual helicopters
  • 10 chairs on each roundtable for live video calls
  • 6 best practices per continent
  • 1 tailormade metaverse (built by FX Agency)
  • 1 social wall & photobooth to share greetings, (group)pictures and personalised gifs