Working at FX Agency

FX Agency grows fast! That is why we are always on the lookout for energetic professionals that are willing to make themselves and us better. People who keep the spirit up while we’re working hard to meet deadlines. To put it short: genuine FX’ers. Sounds like you? Great! Have a look at our current openings to see where you might fit in and give us a call or drop us a mail! (Also if you think we're a match made in heaven, but don't see your dreamjob.)

At FX Agency, we believe that you are at your best when you have freedom to do things your way. You determine your working hours. Isn’t that nice? Of course, it also means that you can handle this responsibility like a true professional powerhouse and that you have your colleagues' back when it matters most.

Your first day

On your first day at FX Agency we’ll make sure that you don’t get much work done. There’s enough time for that later. In the morning you’ll meet your mentor to welcome you and to explain the ultra-secret onboarding program of FX Agency. Come lunchtime, you may have unraveled your computer password. The rest of the day you’ll be talking to your new colleagues, drink some coffee, and frown at all those abbreviations in our server folders. Oh, and of course you’ll meet Houtwang!


Are you a sucker for rules and protocols? Are you fine with someone telling you exactly what to do? Then working at FX Agency is not for you. We believe in working with minimal rules, and maximal trust. That works better, and provides better work. Concretely this means that no-one will find it strange if you come in somewhat later in the morning, want to take a day off, or work from home. You know your responsibilities and you’ll be sure to handle those. Your work gets done well, and your colleagues know about it.


Everyone has an opinion about creative work - and that’s a good thing. Whether you’re an old fart or fresh graduate, we appreciate your opinion and assume you can handle those of others. No matter how difficult, we’ll work it out together. Because hey, how lame is high fiving yourself?


Sometimes you have to take things seriously. And sometimes, you have to beat someone’s ass at the dart board. Or slide downstairs on an inflatable mattress. Or jump (with a salto!) from a rock in the Mallorcan sea. Yup. FX Agency is famous for its legendary trips. We earn these outings together; did we have a golden year? Let’s have a golden weekend away!

What we stand for

At FX Agency you challenge yourself and others to take ‘normal’ with a grain of salt. Doing something in a certain way just because it’s always been like that doesn’t count as an argument. We learn with and from each other. On top of that, we always see that you can do more than you think. We make room for fun; with yourself, with colleagues, and with clients. We love hard work, laughing together, and create something beautiful.

Great Place to Work

Hopefully by now you have concluded that we at FX Agency do everything within our power to create a totally awesome working environment. Something that you love to be a part of. That is why we are extra proud of our Great Place To Work award! In this competition, employees judge their own workplace. And well, now that you ask, we find all FX’ers great colleagues ;-)

Excellent working conditions

As an agency that likes to simplify difficult things, we don’t like hefty contract. So the employment contract at FX Agency looks more like an infographic: showing you clearly what you sign for. Like a well-regulated pension fund. And for everything that is described above.