Hybrid events: FAQ video

Hybrid events are hot! But what are they exactly? How to decide wether hybrid is the right thing for you? And what are the things to think about when organising your hybrid event? Everyone has questions about hybrid events, Micky and Niels decided to answer them in a nice video!

Hybrid events are hot! But what exactly makes an event a hybrid event? And how do you know that it's the right thing for you? Time for a FAQ about hybrid events!

What's in this video?

Hybrid events come in all shapes and sizes. Which one suits you best depends on your audience, goals and budget. Whatever you choose, there are always 3 elements that are crucial for success. In this video we discuss the three success factors and answer the most frequently asked questions about hybrid events.

Think of questions such as:

  • What is a hybrid event?
  • Why (and when) do I choose a hybrid event?
  • Which form of hybrid is most suitable for me?
  • How do I connect online & physical visitors? verbind ik online & fysieke bezoekers?
  • What about technology & location?
  • What are the costs of a hybrid event?

Because we want to give you the best viewing-experience possible, we've divided divided the video in different chapters. Each question has its own chapter and they are clickable in the timeline. This way you can easily decide what to watch without going through the whole thing. (Although we strongly advise you to watch it in whole anyway.)

Fancy a chat?

We hope that this video makes life a little easier for you, but if there is anything unanswered make sure to give us a call or drop us a mail!