Hybrid Events

Great hybrid events combine the power of (spontaneous) physical encounters with the reach and possibilities of online. If you find a way to provide all your visitors with a dynamic and interactive experience, it's the best of both worlds. Hybrid events come in all shapes and sizes. Which of these is most suitable for you depends on your goals and audience.

Great hybrid events combine the power of (spontaneous) physical encounters with the reach and possibilities of online.

Unforgettable for all your visitors

We can't say it often enough: interaction and involvement are crucial for all great events. And not just for the people attending in person, but also for those watching through their screen. Interaction is possible for both the physical visitor and the online visitor. During the event, the physical visitor views the event from the audience and uses his or her smartphone for interaction. The online visitor views the event via the live stream on his or her computer, and can interact via both desktop and mobile. At a hybrid event we bring them together and we ensure an unforgettable experience for all your visitors.


On average, we can listen to a single person for about 20 minutes before losing interest. So, if you want your audience to stay involved, having a dynamic program is important. That's why we always suggest to divide your event into plenary and non-plenary parts. This sounds harder than it actually is. Physical visitors are divided into physical spaces, within the event location. The online visitors are divided into digital breakout rooms. Both visitors are therefore able to conduct discussions in smaller groups, attend workshops or follow non-plenary parts.

Where everything comes together

Our event platform Reply.live is the central place where everything comes together. Where you create an unforgettable event experience and engage (with) all your users. No matter where they are.

Starting off in the best way possible

Together with the Erasmus University Rotterdam we set out to find the perfect opening of the academic year. An opening where students, employees and other interested parties could participate in. That fits today’s situation. In both form and substance.

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