Content Strategy

Content that connects

Just like brands that want to connect with their clients, organisations want to connect with their employees. Connectivity and involvement ensures employees that really care about your organization and who will go the extra mile. The more you invest in personal, relevant and consequential communication with your employees, the more involved they will be. And what you communicate and with whom and how requires a clear plan. In other words: a content strategy, custom developed based on the goals of your organization. So do you want to include your employees in your story, vision or strategy for a number of months or years? Then a content strategy is a must. 

You want your employees to understand, experience and feel your message. If we put in the effort, so will they.

Don't just say the right things, say things right

As an organization you have a lot of information to share. The challenge is getting your message across. Too often we see people being so focussed on saying the right things, that they forget to say things right. To make sure your employees hear you, we will help you to develop a content strategy. A strategy that fits with your company culture and resonates with your employees. We’ll translate all the content into manageable and relevant chunks and placed on the perfect spot within the content strategy. This involves careful consideration of the distribution of the content; the frequency, segmentation and touch points. This poster was part of a content strategy we developed for Heineken's Code of Business Conduct.

Recommended for you 

As consumers we are flooded with information. Our personal data ensures a match between information and interests; Netflix recommends movies and series based on your viewing history and Spotify makes personal playlists based on the songs you’ve listened to. So not do the same for all communication at work? Why not replace that 120 pages PDF with just the 20 pages that are relevant for you? We believe that internal communication should also be personal and relevant. By looking closely at your organisation and employees, we’ll make sure that the right persons receives the right message in the right way.

The more you invest in personal, relevant and consequential communication with your employees, the higher the involvement.

Deloitte Quarterly Questions

For Deloitte we developed a content strategy to keep all Deloitte employees up to date on the latest developments and news every new quarter. With our communication platform ‘Content Butler’ every Deloitte employee can choose what content they want to see, hear or read at a moment that suits them. 

Thinking from goals

A content strategy is always created with a clear goal in mind. We’ll help with specifying this goal, developing the strategy and creating a content calendar. This calendar will give you instant insight into your audience, how often you will communicate, what you’ll communicate and through which channel. This way we will help you get the right message to right person at the right time, making sure your goals are reached. 

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