Presentation Design

Have you ever noticed that really good presentations are almost always a feast for the eyes? That it is not only correct in terms of content, but that the slides, videos and animations give the story an extra layer? Wonderful to listen to and watch.

Content and form go hand in hand

If a presentation has to be given, both internally and externally, you want it to give the best possible picture of you and your organization. You also want the content not to be lost through the form. We design and create eye-catching presentations that deserve attention with catchy stories, visual content and unique animations. We take into account the content, tension, target group and audiovisual possibilities at the place where you present.

100 years of KLM

KLM became a century old in 2019. That’s quite the achievement; the Dutch company is the oldest airline in the world that still operates under its own name. Time to reflect on KLM's extensive history and innovative character, told by none other than KLM CEO Pieter Elbers. FX Agency developed a storyline and visual style that seamlessly fit together. Images from the past are brought to life through parralax and cinemagraphic effects, to make sure the entire presentation feels like one smooth story. The result: a compelling success story that has been well told around the world.

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