Responsible Business


We've created a podcast for Deloitte about corporate responsibility that became an overnight hit. In fact, after just 18 months the show gained so many fans that it deserved a bigger stage. Quite literally.

This show was an unforgettable experience. Not just for the speakers and guests but for us too!

Micky Jansen (FX Agency)

From podcast to podium

For Deloitte we produce the podcast series 'Responsible Business' about corporate responsibility. Together with influential business leaders, we discuss corporate responsibility and their vision for the future. An important topic that (apparently) makes for some great stories, because the show turns out to be a fan favourite and it's audience grew so hard that we've decided it was time for a bigger stage, quite literally. Within 18 months we went from podcast, to podium.

You’ve got the key!

'The key to a sustainable future and corporate responsibility lies in the hands of business leaders.' An important insight that formed the basis for the concept and visual style. During the event, that key was central and during the conversations we peeked through the keyhole into the future.

Bringing stories to life

During the three-hour show, three (hybrid) conversations took place on a stage that came to life with interaction and real-time content in three completely different worlds. All sharply captured with our multi-cam setup that turned the theater into a real movie set.

It was amazing to have a look behind the scenes and see everything coming together. Professional and impressive!

Harold Malaihollo (Deloitte)

Flexible 'till the last minute

New corona measures? No problem! Thanks to the hybrid set-up, our own platform (and a few short nights), the show was made suitable for a virtual audience in record time without compromising the content, interaction or experience.