brings your event to life. With a personalized event page, tailormade content, interaction features, smart data usage and visual storytelling we involve and engage your users like never before. Giving them an event experience like no other.

One platform to rule them all

When it comes to eventplatforms there simply is no better option than Therefore we are proud and confident to say that we've built the very best eventplatform in the Netherlands. Is that a daring statement? Yes. Is it justified? Absolutely! And we love to tell you why, so keep on reading, drop us a mail or pick up the phone if you fancy a chat.

An unforgettable experience for all your users

Whether you’re looking to go online, physical, or hybrid, is at the heart of your event. It’s the central place where everything comes together. Where you connect (with) all your users, and give them an unforgettable event experience. No matter where they are.

Everything in one place

All information and communication towards your users runs through our platform. From the very first personal invitation, to the last evaluation. Personal, safe, trusted, easy to use, always available and completely in the style of your organization.

Forget the crowd,

embrace the individual unleashes the power of data, brings like-minded people together, personalizes the program and ensures that everything seamlessly matches the preferences and interests of your visitor. Personal communication and relevant content to grab and keep the attention.

Smart survey solutions

Gather valueable data with our smart survey solutions. Easy to complete, and visually attractive to increase response rate.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin

Turn viewers into participants

When conveying information, the involvement of your visitors is crucial. has various modules to ensure that your audience gets an active role in the program. With gamification, interactive video content, polls, quizzes and opportunities for interaction with the speaker, we ensure that they get involved and stay involved. Turning your viewers into participants.

Smart smartphone usage

During your event can transform smartphones into interactive event devices. Providing all your users with a second screen to cast a vote, react, send a message, ask questions, or check out their personal program. Convenient, versatile and always nearby.

Developing new features every day

We have built to offer your visitors the ultimate event experience. No more messing around with apps or passwords, no more stressing about your ticket and never getting lost in that program book again. And we keep moving forward, our platform is equipped with the latest techniques and can be fully configured according to your wishes. Looking for a specific feature that's not in there yet? Let's build it!

How to make sure that people don't lose their way? With a map! That's why we've built an intuitive map, ensuring that switching between the different livestreams clicks like clockwork.


We like to empower your event with but love to go further. By combining our forces, we can take your event to the next level. Both technical and creative. Curious how? Check out Events & Experiences.

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