Get Connected

Dutch Ministry of Defence

During 'Get Connected' we connected more than 1500 IT professionals from the Joint IV Command (JIVC) for a day full of inspiration, challenge (both mental and physical) and spontaneous meetings with random colleagues during 'Chat Connected!' It was an interactive afternoon full of inspiring speakers and interesting break-out sessions. Mission accomplished!

This was simply perfect! Everything was taken care of, the execution was flawless and the people were nice, proactive and very professional. Thanks to you we had a very beautiful and inspiring day.

Ron Kolkman (Director Joint IT Command Ministry of Defence)

IT, our military can't do without it

IT is an essential weapon for the Ministry of Defence. The Joint IV Commando (JIVC) is working every day to create a secure and flexible digital environment. From communication in a helicopter or tablet of a soldier on a mission to providing insight into spatial data and maintaining the workplaces in the office, it's their job to make it work. All things that are all indispensable for the proper functioning of defense.

A diverse program

Wondering, astonishing, surprising and connecting, that's what this day was all about. To achieve this, we created a rich and varied program including music, movement and cabaret. After a spectacular opening by the 'Tamboers en Pijpers' of the Marine Corps, Rob Urgent and Joep van Deutekom took the stage for a quiz full of knowledge and humor. To keep the energy high, we included a moment halfway through the program in which participants could choose between a healthy bootcamp or enjoy the nature outside for a while. The successful day ended the same way it began; swinging!

Get connected
chat connected!

In four break-out sessions, guests were able to attend a variety of sessions. Four studios were set up for these break-outs, each with its own appearance. Speakers chose in advance in which room suited their story most, to reinforce their message. During the Q&A sessions there was room to ask questions to the speakers and after the sessions participants could continue their conversation on our platform