Conference 2019


“Winning Together”; a collaboration between FX Agency and Polygon.

Growing together through cooperation

Polygon originates from Sweden, as a B2B multinational with 4300 employees in 14 countries. The organisation is very successful, but can achieve even more if all actions are better aligned. Therefor, during this International Management Conference it was essential that all employees were indulged with their role in the growth of Polygon. They had to see ‘the big picture’. To achieve this we developed the theme ‘Winning Together’ that brought the strategy to life in a 3d environment.

We wanted to introduce Polygon’s new strategy in the nicest way possible. For this reason we created a 3d environment that explained all strategic themes around one word: “FOCUS”.

Anouk Vlasman - Projectmanager

Seeing the ‘big picture’ is one thing. Experiencing it is another. During the event, attendees made use of our event platform to find information, their agenda and locations. And also to interact with what happened on stage.

The payoff for this event was the broad implementation of the theme; from the videos and presentations, to the guest speakers and even stage design. When the event closed, the theme “Winning Together” was endorsed by all attendees.

Luuk van Liere - Art Director