Innovation that Matters


How do you convince people to work sustainable and keep innovating? We helped Deloitte to let their employees think big, but start small, with the Town Hall event: Innovation That Matters.

The event identity, that brought all themes to life in one single key visual using animation, really helped to create a consistent experience.

Luuk van Liere - Art Director

Event app

If you really want to inspire a mindset of innovation, just listening to a story is not enough. With help of our own interactive platform, attendees were challenged to participate in the conversation, really immersing them into the conversation. On multiple occasions during the event we involved attendees in the stories told.

Response to the opening experience were fantastic. An orchestra and custom mood video, that played on a 40 meter wide screen, harmonised to create a show that definitely made a lot of impact.

Niels Janssen - Co-Founder FX Agency

The event concept evolved around a comprehensive visual identity. Which came back in all assets of the event, including the teaser video, bumpers, and announcements for guest speakers.

Wouter Kuin - Motion Graphic Designer