Digital events

Digital events are recorded in a studio, from home or anywhere else and broadcasted online. Through digital communication interaction takes place with the audience before, during and after the event. FX Agency specialises in organising digital events that focus on storytelling, content and interaction. 

The what and why of digital events

It sounds so easy right? An event, but, digital. And it is, kinda. A digital event has a lot of the elements you may know from physical events. Communication before, during or after. Interaction between the speakers and audience. The difference? Location. Your speakers present from a studio, viewers tune in from wherever they please. On top of an online live stream, there’s (usually) interaction through mobile phones. Just like physical events, FX Agency is specialised in vamping up the digital event with a strong focus on story, content and interaction. Digital events can be organised fast and have the smallest ecological impact of all events.

We offer full service digital events: this means we can take care of the location, A/V equipment, program, content, speakers guidance and the event broadcast with live interaction and participation included. 

Floor Willems - Client Service Director

Interaction & experience

What would stick with you. A generic message to all? Or something that involves you as a person? FX Agency has over 10 years of experience in organising interactive events. We know how to get your message across. Whether it’s live or digital. Specifically with digital event, distractions are a threat to your success. So it may pay off to form the right kind of distraction yourself. Which, by the way, is also a lot more fun. Because we are talking digital here, you know? So there’s endless possibilities to make your story arc, interaction and experience finger-licking good. Before, during and after the event. Since we’ve been this for a while now, we’ve developed our own application called reply.Live. It has anything and everything you need to really involve your audience, with your story.

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Program & content

Not everybody is a master at putting together a programme or designing the perfect presentation. That’s ok, we’ve got you. We love creating content that makes others jealous. So bring it on! Give us that raw input for events, presentations, video’s or a complete visual identity for your event. From small settings for a C-level audience to massive events with interactive LED walls of 50 meters wide. Bring. It. On.

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Setup & broadcast 

Tech shouldn’t bother you too much. We think. Because when done right, it amplifies your message. But… how? Which AV equipment do you need? And how do you make sure you’re doing it all right? Ah! That’s where we come in. Whether we’re broadcasting from home, on location or from our studio in Utrecht, you don’t need to worry. We’ve got years of experience in making sure your audience doesn’t have to miss a second of your event. Of course, completely compliant with the latest rules and regulations surrounding COVID-19

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Digital events are a great alternative for live events. They save a lot of money & time and leave a minimal ecological footprint. Thanks to the newest technologies, like our tool, we are capable of involving your audience from behind their screens and interact with them throughout the entire event.

Niels Janssen - Founder FX Agency