Innovative & engaging technology

Innovative technology has the power to surprise and put your story in a new light.

Artificial Intelligence

There’s a lot to do around Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some people see it as promising development for the future, others see it as a threat. One thing is for sure: AI is booming. At FX Agency, we know how to use AI to our advantage as a communication tool. We have experience with building AI installations on location, to surprise and inspire people.

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Augmented Reality

FX Agency has been working with AI since the technology was in its infancy. Our vast experience with AR gives us a good view of the opportunities that AR offers. We have worked with AR for projects with HEINEKEN, Aegon, and ING. Curious about how we can use AR to take your communication to the next level?

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Apps & Platforms

It is important to bring people together, both physically and digitally. That’s why we build platforms for people to meet, and application for interaction and content sharing. Whatever your need, we can support and deliver.

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Virtual Reality

The opportunities of VR are endless. It creates a powerful and meaningful interaction with your target audience. Never before it was possible to truly immerse someone in a store. FX Agency understands the full VR traject, from concept to production. We think along about how to achieve the maximum result.

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