Apps & Websites

Applications, online platforms and website have become an essential part of our lives. You can't imaging a live without them. The same goes with corporate communications. Wether it's providing information, simplifying a (business) process, an AR experience or visualising data. We are happy to take you through the process: from the first idea to first happy user in just four steps.

Online Platform 'Deloitte Forward'

Online Platform 'Deloitte Forward'

It starts with a clear goal

The first step in developing an application, website or online platform is to determine your goal. What do you want to achieve? What do you want the enduser to do, learn or experience. To make this specific and concrete isn't always that easy. Therefor we are happy to help you with the first step, where we will, based on your input, set concrete goals and a clear briefing. Based on this the requirements for your app, website or platform will originate.

Functional Design

Just like building a house, you need a blueprint before you can start. You just don't start building, you first need to develop all the ideas into functional designs, or wireframes. There isn't really anything built, but just a good overview on the designs (im)possibilities. During multiple rounds these wireframes are adjusted and improved until our client is happy.

Design process apps

View the Amstel Bottle Configurator AR App

Design and development

Development en Creation

When the functional design is rock solid, it's time to bring your app, website or platform to life. We design everything in the desired look and feel of your brand, organisation, event or product and other elements (such as visual material) are also added during this phase. Here, too, various feedback rounds take place, whereby the design can still be adapted to your wishes. If that is completely in line with your goal, Team Development will start building it. In the video above you can see the elaboration of the 'Amstel Bottle Configurator' application, in which users could design a bottle themselves.

Test, 1, 2, 3 ...

Testing an application, website or platform is crucial. You want to do a user test (Does it make sense? Does the user understand what to do?) As well as a test on different devices (Does it work on all types of tablets, desktops and smartphones?). In extensive test rounds, we ensure that all bugs are resolved and your app, website or platform works perfectly. Now that all phases have been completed, it is time to go live!

The image shows the Heineken® Blade App. Download the App and experience how fun and easy AR works! Google Play Store or the Apple App Store

Blade App Heineken

The key to success for all these projects is our proven approach; we are happy to help you from first idea to first happy user.