Online Events

Everything for a successful online event

More and more companies are taking their events online. We get that, because online events offer a many new possibilities and are an easy way to share knowledge and connect people with each other. And it can be a powerful solution if you design your event in such a way that you activate and involve your audience in your story. A few advantages: can be realized in the short term, with many possibilities, for a wide range and without being tied to a location. We turn your online event into a memorable experience, by focussing on these three elements:

We have everything to make your event an unforgettable experience. From location, technology, program, content, speaker guidance to broadcasting the event including live interaction and participation with the audience.

Content & Program

An online revolves around telling a story. To tell your story in a the right way, you need a varied program with a diversity of creative content that is also visually appealing. Because people's attention span is short in general and even more when going online. We provide a digital event journey with a mix of content within a varied program, as well as opportunities for interaction to create a pleasant flow. Not only during but also before and after your event.

Interaction & Communication

When you get involved in a story or become part of it, you'll have a better memory of that story. At an online event, your audience usually sits at home, looking at a screen, with plenty of ways to be distracted. This makes it even more important to transform your passive viewer into an interactive participant by adding interactivity to your online event. There are many ways to do this in an effective or surprising way. For example, make the event personal by asking for feedback during break-out sessions, organise virtual networking in a coffee break-out or reveal a product by means of gamification. We do this with, an interactive application that involves your whole audience by making them part of the story.

Location & technology

Last but not least; location & technology. Crucial for creating great online events. Technology often leads to unnecessary worries. Let us worry about them so you don't need to. For example, we provide the live stream, we set up interactive modules for optimal involvement and we navigate participants from a plenary session to break-outs so that they experience a seamless guest journey. We can be brief about the location: everything is possible! From our FX Studio, an event location of your choice, or our own virtual studio that we can fully customize to your liking.